Environmental Consulting Services



Cypress offers a variety of environmental science, environmental consulting and environmental regulatory services. Our expert staff has deep experience in the following primary areas:

  • Wetlands. Including delineation and permitting.
  • Mitigation. Including wetland mitigation, stream mitigation and habitat mitigation.
  • Natural Resources.
  • Clean Water Act Permitting. Including Section 404, Section 401 and associated permits.
  • Water Quality.
  • Environmental Monitoring.
  • Ecosystem Restoration.
  • Remediation.


Cypress has Professional Wetland Scientists on staff who are recognized experts on wetlands. They perform wetland delineation, wetland function assessment, wetland mapping and other consulting services associated with US Army Corps of Engineers and State Agency requirements for projects in wetland areas. We have extensive experience across the Southern United States in wetland projects on large, challenging and complex sites. We are able to field multiple crews to sites and quickly delineate and assess wetlands and other waters of the United States.


We have over 85 successfully completed wetland mitigation, stream mitigation, and habitat mitigation projects from the Pacific Northwest to the South Atlantic, with most of our technical expertise focused on the Gulf of Mexico region. We have extensive mitigation experience in the Mississippi Valley Division and South Atlantic Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers, including New Orleans District, Vicksburg District, Mobile District, Jacksonville District and Savannah District.


We perform Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys, Habitat Characterization, Biological Assessment and other natural resources consulting services. These surveys and assessments are typically performed as part of a Clean Water Act permit or as part of a NEPA Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement.


We have deep expertise in US Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, and State Government processes surrounding the Clean Water Act. This includes all types of Section 404 permitting. Project requiring permits include discharge of fill material into waters, discharge of dredged material, fill placement in wetlands, stream crossings and waterfront structures.

We also perform Section 401 (water quality), Section 10 (navigable waters), Section 408 (intersection with Federal projects), Section 208 (intersection with Federally funded projects) and other associated regulatory compliance and permitting.

The most common permitting project types include Nationwide Permits, General Permits, Individual Permits and Coastal Zone Consistency.


We deal with a variety of modeling, permitting and measurements for water quality, including:

  • point-source
  • water quality modeling
  • in-situ testing
  • environmental compliance for water quality
  • contaminant sampling

These services are provided along with other scientific and engineering solutions to support water quality compliance and permitting.


We perform environmental assessment and monitoring for damage assessment, impacts assessment, mitigation, restoration performance assessment and remediation performance assessment on projects for private clients and government agencies. We have experience with a wide variety of monitoring systems and methodologies.


We engineer, design, assess, monitor and perform adaptive management on ecosystem restoration projects in coastal, wetland, habitat and stream areas. Our work includes:

  • Coastal restoration
  • Mitigation Banks
  • Permittee Responsible Mitigation
  • Hydrologic Restoration
  • Watershed Restoration
  • Conservation Easements
  • Reforestation


We perform Phase I environmental site assessments, Phase II environmental site assessments, Corrective Action Plans, construction management, closeout testing and environmental compliance reporting for remediation projects. Please see a more detailed treatment of this service line on our Remediation page.

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