Civil Engineering Modeling Services

Civil Engineering Modeling Services

Cypress specializes in water resources engineering, including civil engineering modeling for assessment, design support, planning, and performance evaluation.

What sets us apart: Cypress understands water resources, coastal issues, sustainability, green space and sense of place for our region. We produce integrated solutions for our clients to produce exceptional solutions. We work with our clients to fully understand their needs and strive to go above and beyond in designing, constructing, and executing projects.

Table of Contents & Links to Service Pages

  • Floodplain Modeling & Floodplain Management
  • Surface Water Hydrology & Hydraulic Modeling
  • Watershed Assessment
  • Integrated Water Resources Management
  • The Need for Modeling and Understanding Our World

Floodplain Modeling & Floodplain Management

Cypress floodplain modeling and floodplain management services include flood impact assessment, flood risk analysis, flood insurance studies/elevation certificates, flood hazard mapping, flood map modernization studies and floodplain management plans.

Surface Water Hydrology & Hydraulic Modeling

Overland flow, flood routing/hydraulic modeling, floodplain modeling services with optimal use of land for flood water conveyance utilizing spreadsheets or custom computer programs .

Cypress hydraulic modeling services for storm water conveyance include hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, floodplain modeling, flood control studies, flood insurance studies, flood map modernization and flood hazard assessments.

Watershed Assessment

We conduct watershed assessment studies to support stormwater management, drainage plans, watershed management plans and flood control studies.

Cypress also provides expert review and comments on floodplain management plans, flood hazard assessments, stormwater management plans, and other water resources planning studies. Cypress has the experience and knowledge to provide sound engineering judgment for our clients.

If you are in need of civil engineering modeling services for your next project, please contact Cypress today.

Integrated Water Resources Management

Cypress offers comprehensive water resources management services, which include floodplain management, surface water hydrology and hydraulics, watershed assessment, and flood control studies. We provide a full range of services to help our clients develop an integrated and sustainable solution for their water resources needs.

The Need for Modeling and Understanding Our World

Water-related natural disasters caused by flood, landslide and earthquake are the biggest killers in the world (WHO).  Civil engineers strive to build and maintain flood control and flood monitoring systems that minimize these fatalities.  Despite our best efforts at control of water flows over land, rainfall cannot be controlled; it’s a natural phenomena.   In order to properly design flood control systems, we need to build models that help us understand the events as they happen. These models simulate the natural and built environment and inform design of new projects.

Hydrology is the science of water and the environment around it.  It includes the study of precipitation, surface water, groundwater, and drainage.  Hydraulics is the application of hydrology to address flood control.  Hydraulics can also be referred to as floodplain modeling.

In order for engineers to properly design flood control systems, we need to build models that help us understand the events as they happen and determine how these events will affect our environment and infrastructure.

Representative Civil Engineering Modeling Projects

Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling for Back Bay of Biloxi, Mississippi.  Civil engineering modeling services to develop coastal circulation and water quality models.  These models support point-source water quality permitting as well as coastal habitat restoration.

Bayou Auguste Floodplain Modeling for an urban stream restoration project, including channel, floodplain and marsh restoration in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Engineering Modeling Images

Civil engineering modeling services
Water quality engineering modeling image
Civil engineering modeling supports Mississippi river diversion projects