Gulf Shoreline Stabilization at Point Au Fer Island

Project includes dune nourishment, marsh restoration, and shoreline protection structures to reduce erosion rates and protect and maintain the existing habitats. Cypress provided program support for the LCA 6 program effort to USACE, New Orleans District.

Between 1956 and 2009, approximately 5,300 acres (2,157 hectare [ha]) of land was converted into open water in the 37,000 acre study area for this project. An anticipated 2,400 acres would be lost in the next 50 years with no intervention.

Extensive measures were investigated including measures as diverse as breakwaters, groins, oyster reefs, canal plugs, dune & beach nourishment, marsh restoration, vegetation planting, etc. After extensive screening and analysis, the chosen tentatively selected plan (TSP) included:

  • 117 acres dune nourishment
  • 673 acres brackish marsh restoration
  • Maintenance of existing revetment

Authorized cost in WRDA is $43,400,000