Services: Infrastructure, Engineering & Environmental Consulting

Core Services

Cypress provides an extensive line of environmental consulting services, engineering and construction.  Our focus areas of expertise are:

  • Civil engineering design
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Engineering modeling
  • Coastal resiliency
  • Wetlands (delineation, permitting, mitigation, restoration, construction & management)
  • Remediation
  • Environmental metrics for assessment and project performance

A detailed listing of service offerings is below.

  • Ecosystem Restoration

    • Site Selection
    • Planning and Permitting
    • Assessment
    • Engineering & Environmental Design
    • Monitoring & Performance Metrics
    • Restoration Implementation (Project Construction)
    • Project Management
  • Wetlands & Ecology

    • Wetland Delineations
    • Wetland Restoration and Enhancement Plan Development
    • Initial Wetland Assessments and Site Evaluation
    • Ecological Function Assessments (HGM, WRAP, etc.)
    • Mitigation Site Monitoring
    • Master Planning Services
    • Endangered Species Surveys
    • Waterbottom and Channel Surveys
    • Seagrass Surveys
    • Shellfish Surveys
  • Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • State Coastal Zone Consistency
    • Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality
    • Stormwater Compliance / NPDES Permits
    • Submerged Lands/ State Tidelands Leasing
    • Other Federal, State and Local Agencies
  • Environmental Engineering

    • Ecosystem Restoration Project Design
    • Marsh Restoration
    • Stream Restoration
    • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and II)
    • Site Selection & Feasibility Studies
    • Stormwater and Erosion Control Plans
  • Project Management

    • Construction Specifications
    • Construction Monitoring
    • Prescribed Burning
    • Control of Invasive Exotic Plants
  • Environmental Mapping

    • UAV (drone) Mapping (FAA certified pilots)
    • GIS / Digital Mapping
    • High Accuracy GPS Mapping
    • Topographic & Bathymetric Mapping
    • Land Cover Remote Sensing & Mapping
    • Land Use Suitability Studies, Remote Sensing and Mapping
    • Vegetation Communities
    • Critical and Suitable Habitat Analysis
    • Geospatial Modeling & Analysis
  • Wetlands and Stream Mitigation

    • Stream and Stream Buffer Restoration
    • Wetlands Restoration
    • Mitigation Plan Development
    • Site Assessment & Feasibility Analysis
    • Conservation & Restoration Planning
    • Permitting & Regulatory Compliance
    • Financial Modeling
  • Mitigation Banking

    • Mitigation Bank Instrument Development
    • Mitigation Bank Prospectus Development
    • Banking Site Selection
    • Planning and Permitting
    • Baseline Condition Assessment
    • Engineering & Environmental Design
    • Monitoring & Performance Metrics
    • Restoration Implementation (Project Construction)
    • Project Management
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Recovery of Distressed Banks or Mitigation Credit Moratorium
  • Remediation

    • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I & II)
    • Federal HTRW projects
    • MMRP: Munitions studies & remediation

Key Staff Qualifications

  • Professional Engineers

    Environmental, Civil & Coastal Engineers

  • Scientists

    Professional Wetland Scientists

    GIS & remote sensing scientists

    FAA-licensed drone pilots

  • Certified Planners


    Environmental Planning advanced specialty certification

  • Construction Managers

    Experienced restoration and resiliency construction project managers

Recognition & Project Performance

2018 Society of American Military Engineers: Mobile Post – Small Business of the Year

2015 Gulf Guardian Award – Civic 1st place. Awarded to Bayou Auguste tidal creek & marsh restoration. Project partners MSU Gulf Coast Community Design Studio, Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain & Biloxi Housing Authority.

2012 Third-ever USACE Mobile District wetland mitigation bank to reach full final approval and credit release.

2010 First-ever USACE Mobile District wetland mitigation bank to reach full final approval and credit release.

2010 Second-ever USACE Mobile District wetland mitigation bank to reach full final approval and credit release.

Presentations & Publications

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