Mississippi Coastal Preserves Invasive Species Assessment

Cypress was contracted to conduct an invasive assessment and monitor the presence and extent of invasive plant species across 26 estuarine preserve and restoration sites in the Mississippi Coastal Preserves Program in July 2015.

The Coastal Preserves Program comprises of multiple sites across the entire Coastal Zone of Mississippi with habitats including barrier islands, intertidal marsh, intermediate marsh, high marsh, bayous, swamps, beach and dune systems, bottomland hardwood forests, pine savannas, and pine plantations.

From the contract signing to receipt of final project deliverables by MDMR, the Year 1 monitoring was executed in 45% of the time allotted in the project’s RFP. A total of 1,797 vegetation plots were characterized across the 26 sites.

About Cypress

Cypress Environmental Services (Cypress), LLC, is a small, woman-owned business specializing in engineering, planning, and environmental science from our office in Biloxi, Mississippi. We provide a range of environmental science and engineering services including consulting, construction administration and construction contracting, and are a licensed engineering firm in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia.

Cypress focuses on creating better projects where the built environment meets the natural environment. We stay abreast of current research as well as innovations in products, materials, and techniques to provide the most cost-effective methods to achieve an individual client’s objectives while planning and building projects and developments that work with the environment.

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