Presentation: 2013 Nat’l Conference for Ecosystem Restoration

Cypress principal Cynthia Henderson was a moderator and presenter at the 5th National Conference for Ecosystem Restoration in July 2013.  She presented a study on the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the plant community and invasive exotics for a coastal wetland restoration site which received eight feet of inundation during the event.  The presentation explored changes in the herbaceous plant community and the resurgences of invasive exotic species ahead of the native plant community.

Presentation reference:
Henderson, C.H., Foster, M. A. and L. L. Battaglia. Hurricane Impacts on a Coastal Ecosystem Restoration Project: Plant Community, Invasive species, and Adaptive Management. Oral presentation. Biannual meeting of the National Conference for Ecosystem Restoration. July 29-August 2, Schaumburg, IL.