East Pier Roadway Redesign: Green Infrastructure, Stormwater Park Design

Cypress worked with our partners at Digital Engineering to redesign East Pier Roadway at the Port of Gulfport in 2020. The redesigned road accomplishes multiple objectives that benefit the Port and the City of Gulfport. The Port of Gulfport is the second largest green fruit port in the US and one of the 17 strategic ports in the US authorized to handle military cargo.
This project:
  • transforms an abandoned brownfield located within the city center
  • creates accessible greenspace
  • improves water quality with a stormwater park and raingardens
  • uses native plants to enhance ecological function
  • serves the community by improving safety, the environment, and aesthetics
The primary improvements designed into this project are:
  • the road alignment was adjusted to accommodate container truck traffic and improve safety
  • we designed an entry space and signage for the Port
  • we designed a stormwater park and constructed wetlands behind the entry signage
  • we designed green infrastructure features alongside the roadway.
The green infrastructure features process and filter stormwater from the road. This project improves traffic flow, public safety, and water quality. Water quality improvement is critical in this area, since it drains directly into the Mississippi Sound.
The East Pier roadway improvement project is part of the Port’s expansion initiative. This initiative includes a 282-acre dredge and fill program, expansion of the east pier, north harbor, west pier, and the construction of a 4,000-linear foot breakwater system.
Cypress developed a new grading design, stormwater design and landscape design for this project. To improve port resiliency, sustainability, aesthetics, and maintenance, the landscape design includes extensive use of native plants. Cypress conducted stakeholder engagement throughout the design process.
Park Design
Section of constructed wetland bioswale